LSC-O General Education Assessment Committee

Assignment Development Checklist

Please indicate the response that best describes how the statement applies to your current assignment instructions.

Not Applicable
Do assignment instructions support one or more of the course Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)?

Do assignment instructions specify necessary or helpful resources?

Is the due date clearly communicated?

Are assessment guidelines clearly delineated?

After reading the assignment, will students know precisely what they are to accomplish?

Does the assignment have a clearly stated purpose?

If research is a required assignment component, are students being provided information about the type of research expected and the type of documentation expected?

If data analysis is required, are students being asked to provide the raw data to substantiate their claims?

Have you added this statement to your assignment prompt?
"Any assignment submitted to measure communication should meet the conventions of standard American English."
(Feel free to use this prescriptive statement or edit as needed.)

Did this checklist aid you in developing or revising the assignment?