Syllabus & Course Development Checklist

Survey Instructions:
Refer to the Core Curriculum 2014 Quick Reference Guide (link below) and identify which core objectives are applicable to your courses. Check the option for each question on the checklist that best describes your course. Select "N/A" if the core objective is not applicable to your course.

[Communication] - Have you assigned at least four (4) written assignments or reports of appropriate length for the course?

[Critical Thinking] - Does your course emphasize synthesizing and organizing ideas, information, and experiences in new ways by use of in-class discussions and assignments?

[Empirical & Quantitative] - Does your course incorporate solving a significant number of numerical problems that are applicable to the discipline?

[Teamwork] - Does your course often require students to work together in small groups during class time?

[Social Responsibility] - Do you encourage your students often to interact with other students and people from different economic, social, and racial or ethnic backgrounds in an effort to broaden their perspectives?

[Personal Responsibility] - In your course, do you hold students personally accountable for their class preparation by assessing their studying, reading, writing, rehearsing, or other homework that is assigned?

Did this checklist aid you in developing or revising your syllabus/course?